What Our Agents Are Saying About Us

What Our Agents Are Saying About Us

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Dellmarie Pittman

Townsend Real Estate’s reputation is established in this community. So when I made my choice to begin a real estate career I knew this was the place for me. There were three other things I wanted from my company – training, an experienced team, and integrity. I got everything I wanted!
– Dellmarie Pittman

Maryt Reaves

As a newer agent I have been extremely pleased with the training at Townsend. I feel everyone takes the time to help each other, in addition to the formal training they offer new agents. It is a wonderful and positive work environment. It feels like my second family!
– Maryt Reaves

Linda Clark

Townsend Real Estate is a family. Not only do owner, staff, and agents “look after” each other, we also take care of each others’ clients when needed. Integrity is the hallmark of this company.
– Linda Clark

Nancy Haithcock

1) Great support from administration and staff. 2) BIC who is committed to keeping the agents educated and informed on the latest trends and changes in the real estate market and helping us provide the most professional service to our clients. 3) Office environment conducive to client needs and agent comfort. An atmosphere that promotes cooperation between agents and respect for fellow agents. 4) Our BIC is interested in promoting our positive image in the community and having our company perceived as giving superior client service.
– Nancy Haithcock

Mitchell Graham

From a marketing standpoint the beauty of being an associate broker with Townsend Real Estate is the seller/owners are hiring the firm as well as the agent to market their property. Jimmy Townsend and the staff provide amazing support to us in marketing and help us stay current with the latest technology in the real estate industry. The same exceptional support is there when I am working with my buyers.
– Mitchell Graham

Paul Hayden

Our office is a very comfortable environment which provides a nice place to meet with clients. Many resources are available for us to gather and prepare information for our clients. Friends and people I come into contact with always acknowledge that Townsend Real Estate is the premier real estate firm for Fayetteville.
– Paul Hayden

Stephanie Thompson

Townsend is my 2nd home and 2nd family. From Day One – scratch that – before I even started with Townsend, Jimmy took his time to talk with me about real estate, and my concerns about “we all know the same people,” “I don’t know who would use me as their agent,” to “I have the book knowledge but how do I talk to people about all of this stuff?”  That said, once I started, I had Lenore as my Mentor who literally stayed on the phone with me while I wrote my first offer (she was in Charlotte for the weekend & still was there to help).  Jimmy and Vance provide training, tech help (well, Vance – not so much Jimmy), options to increase my business, and a true sense they want me to succeed – for me and my family – not just for Townsend!  The other Townsend Agents & Staff are amazing!  Whether it’s a sale transaction, help with finding a vendor, ideas on getting a home sold or handling a situation on a contract – they are there to willingly help!  And speaking of help – the Townsend Family is there for me through WOO HOO times and for not so great times – we all take care of each other. Townsend is a blessing to me and my family!
– Stephanie Thompson

Laurie Linder

To fully appreciate working at Townsend Real Estate you need to work somewhere else first! I worked at 3 other real estate companies before coming to Townsend over 20 years ago. You don’t have to compete with the owner/broker for business. Full time staff and comfortable environment. I love that we are independent and not part of a franchise.
– Laurie Linder

Carla Council

First and foremost, Jimmy Townsend strives to have the best educated and informed agents in the industry.  For us, training is an ongoing process.  Rules, guidelines and forms are constantly being updated and changed.  In order to give our buyers and sellers the best possible service, we need to know the latest information.  I think we owe this to our clients.  Co-workers and staff make it a pleasure to come into the office every day.  There is always a smiling face or a helping hand available, when needed.  I feel very fortunate to be part of the Townsend Team.
– Carla Council

Mary Tart Whitaker

I enjoy working with Townsend Real Estate because we have the best team of agents, administration and leadership in Fayetteville. The support that the staff provides is more than outstanding. I know that if I have a question or need any assistance someone is there to help. We are not just agents here at Townsend Real Estate but are more like a family.
– Mary Whitaker